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Алкогольные законы

В Калифорнии запрещено иметь крепкое спиртное в крупной расфасовке.
Так что бочка водки - дело нелегальное

25172. Any unlicensed person or any on- or off-sale general licensee who has in his possession any distilled spirits in packages or containers larger than one gallon is guilty of a misdemeanor, unless the distilled spirits have been sold and delivered to the person or licensee by the holder of an industrial alcohol dealer's, distilled spirits manufacturer's, brandy manufacturer's, or rectifier's license for use in the trades, professions, or industries.


25177. Every person who sells, offers for sale, or keeps for sale distilled spirits in any package which has been refilled or partly refilled is guilty of a misdemeanor.

25178. No on-sale general licensee or any person employed by such
licensee shall sell, offer for sale, or keep for sale an empty distilled spirits bottle.

На положительное ноте, в South Carolina - пиво вообще не алкогольный напиток,

The following are declared to be nonalcoholic and nonintoxicating beverages:

(1) all beers, ales, porters, and other similar malt or fermented beverages containing not in excess of five percent of alcohol by weight;

(2) all beers, ales, porters, and other similar malt or fermented beverages containing more than five percent but less than fourteen percent of alcohol by weight that are manufactured, distributed, or sold in containers of six and one-half ounces or more or the metric equivalent; and

(3) all wines containing not in excess of twenty-one percent of alcohol by volume.

но при этом оптовая продажа алкоголя в кредит запрещена

A holder of a beer permit or a beer and wine permit may not purchase beer or wine, or both, on credit by a dishonored check, an unpaid note or invoice, or other insufficient manner from a permitted beer and wine wholesaler.
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