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Coming recession?

Со страниц финансовых новостей.

The benchmark 10-year note's yield is up 2 basis points to 4.36 percent. The price of the 4 1/2 percent note due in November 2015 is down 3/16, or $1.88 per $1,000 face amount, to 101 3/32. The benchmark two-year note's yield is also up 2 basis points to 4.36 percent. Anytime the longer term matches or has a lower yield than a short-maturity bond, the phenomena is known as an "inverted yield curve." Longer-term debt typically yields more than shorter-term debt to compensate investors for such risks as faster inflation, which erodes the purchasing power of fixed-income payments. An inverted yield curve last occurred in December 2000 and has preceded each of the country's past four recessions.
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