mocker_bat(bum) (mocker_bat) wrote,

Люди бегут в село

The USA Today reports that New York's population fell and more Californians left than moved in, as higher housing costs drove people away from urban areas in U.S. coastal states. New York had its first decline since 1980 for the year ended July 1, while 239,417 more people moved out of California than moved in, and the growth there came from births. People are migrating from coastal urban areas to "suburban states'' because of the widening gap in housing costs. Although four hurricanes hit Florida last year, its population rose by 404,434, or 1,100 people a day on average. The newspaper did not mention rising housing prices in Florida.

Цены на жилье таки действительно с на самом деле без сомнения совершенно безумны!
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